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Liverage is a professional manufacturer of high-quality fiber optics components, transceiver modules and measurement equipment. Our mission "Enjoy your life" is to bring the optical broad bandwidth into people's lives.

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  • 0.1Gbps-100Gbps AOC/Transceiver BERTester
    0.1Gbps-100Gbps AOC/Transceiver BERTester
    iBERT X1 mini

    iBERT X1 mini is a BER Tester (BERT) designed for 0.1Gbps to 100Gbps AOC and module measurement. There are three interchangeable slot boards which include QSFP, SFP+ and SFP ports separately. QSFP, SFP+ and SFP ports follow QSFP MSA, SFP+ MSA and SFP MSA. The user interface allows you to individually monitor bit error rate, error count and timer by connecting to PC via USB cable. The serial ID and Digital Diagnostics Monitor of the transceiver module can also be monitored in the user interface.

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