Visual Fault Locator

The Fiber Checker is a useful tool for checking the defects of a fiber cable. / Liverage is a professional manufacturer of high-quality fiber optics components, transceiver modules and measurement equipment. Our mission "Enjoy your life" is to bring the optical broad bandwidth into people's lives.

Visual Fault Locator - The Fiber Checker is a useful tool for checking the defects of a fiber cable.
  • Visual Fault Locator - The Fiber Checker is a useful tool for checking the defects of a fiber cable.

Visual Fault Locator

Fiber Checker

The Fiber Checker is a very useful tool designed for checking the defects of a fiber cable. It emits a visible 650nm wavelength red laser light through fiber optic cables, then if there are breaks or defects in the fiber it will refract the light, creating a bright glow around the faulty area.

The universal connector can be used for all the most widespread fiber interfaces such as ST / SC / FC connector. It is suitable to test both Single mode and Multimode cables. With an optional 2. 5 mm to 1. 25 mm optional Adapter, you can easily test 1. 25 mm diameter fiber LC or MU connector. The visibility is from 3 km to 5 km dependent upon the output power of the Fiber Checker.

Internally there is also a specifically designed power circuit called an APC (Auto Power Control) circuit which provides steady power. The APC prevents unstable laser output when the battery is low.

The LD output signal can be switched to CW or Pulse Mode to obtain different visual effects. There is a dust cap which will prevent dirt from getting into the LD connector. The cover also prevents accidental exposure of the laser beam into anyone's eyes.

Its big advantages are easy use, handy tools and cheap. It is easy to use in-site measurement. We already received continued orders and good comments from Switzerland.


1. Easy to check fiber faults by using 650nm visual red laser.
2. Range: Visibility up to 3 ~ 5km.
3. Universal Connector for testing additional (ST, SC, FC, MU, and LC interfaces when using our Optional Adapter).
4. Operates with both Single mode and Multimode cables.
5. Highly effective power circuits designed for stable laser power.
6. Operating in both Continuous Wave (CW) & Pulse Mode.
7. Dustproof cap keeps fiber connectors clean, Powered by two AAA-size alkaline batteries, LED indicator for Power On, Battery Low alerts.

  • Installation and Maintenance CATV / Telecom / FTTH in fiber optical fiber networks.
  • Installation and Maintenance 4G / 5G mobile system.
  • Installation and Maintenance data center network.
  • Testing in standard laboratories.
  • High throughput quality assurance.

Visual Fault Locator

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Optical Testing Tool Fiber Checker Datasheet
Optical Testing Tool Fiber Checker Datasheet

Technical and Operating Instruction of Fiber Checker.


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